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“Manchester England”- Hair, 4/10/11 evening Boston

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Credit for these beautiful photos goes to withtragedyavoided :)

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Scene & Agony
Paris Remillard & Ivan Hernandez
Into the Woods - Shakespeare in the Park - 7/31/12

*please please please don’t post the link to this on any sort of public website or public forum. feel free to like, reblog, and privately send this amongst friends! but i am specifically asking for this to absolutely not to posted anywhere publicly (i don’t need to name the specific websites i have in mind, i think you get what i mean!) thank you in advance!! :)

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

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“Hair”- Hair, 4/10/11 evening Boston

Another one for Sami. If you listen reallllllly closely, you can hear Paris speaking sweet nothings into her ear at the end. 


“The Flesh Failures/Let the Sun Shine In”- Hair, 4/10/11 evening Boston

More proof that Phyre Hawkins is the best Dionne.



From the Hair on Broadway fb page.

Wait for it.

Some of you know how to make gifs - get on it. :)

THANK GOD THIS FINALLY GOT RIPPED. this is my most favorite video of ever. EVER. if you haven’t seen this: who the fuck are you, you probably aren’t my friend, and this is the requirement for you to befriend me.

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